Core Team Meeting 1


Fri Sep 07 2018





NBBJ: Teri Oelrich, Andrea Rufe, Suzanne Jaggers, Doug Grove, Melissa Alexander


Project Check-in


Data Request – outstanding items

Clinic Observations

           Space Allocation


Faculty Offices

Procedural Modules (Eye & Cardio)

Ambulatory Care Workgroup Meeting (April/5)

               Introduction to Services (20 Minutes)

User Meeting Scheduling

Next Steps


Data Request

Identify items on the data request list that need more attention.


  • BluePacific will continue to work on getting NBBJ team access to the Facilities Link System

  • BluePacific to provide MEP drawings and any reports available

  • BluePacific to follow-up  on Volume Data for the last 12 months

  • BluePacific to follow-up on Patient LOS in clinic (by type) or any UC benchmarks used for planning

  • NBBJ to move forward with an 8-hour day for planning modules


Clinic Observations

  • The intent of the clinic observations is to minimize time spent in up-coming User meetings on current state, while allowing us to observe day-to-day operations, and flow of patients and staff;

    • Observations allow us to "feel" the pain in the departments;

    • Provides data for planning purposes.


  • We will be observing for any specific use of spaces for allocation to help inform future clinic planning;

    • An additional request to observe Imaging was made and will be accommodated;

    • The discussion around faculty offices and the clinical impact of moving them out of the building and potentially off-site.


Ambulatory Care Workgroup Meeting 

  • Teri and Andrea will be presenting 4-5 slides on who we are and our process for the scope of this project at the Ambulatory Care Workgroup Meeting

    • In advance of the meeting NBBJ is to provide those slides to be included in the slide deck.

    • User Meeting Scheduling

  • Request for ten 90-minute User Meetings based on clinic module types / function of department

    • BluePacific indicated concern that there not be too many participants involved in these meetings. The want to make sure that the participants are carefully selected and the groups are limited in size.

      • Because of the high-level planning of these decisions, NBBJ suggested inviting the decision makers as (as identified by BluePacific Core Team) be the participants for the User Meetings.

  • Reviewed potential agendas for the meetings (to be provided in advance)

    • discussed purpose of activities and goals for the meetings

  • Request for meetings  after the Ambulatory Care Workgroup Introduction


Additional Information

  • Per BluePacific, it is not anticipated that the Building 1 will be completely renovated to incorporate the new proposed clinic modules.

  • The focus of the new clinic module planning should consider:

    • Utilizing the two shelled floors of the new Building 2

    • Potentially areas of the Building 1 2nd floor disrupted by the Building 2 (Cardiology Offices will  be displaced, and relocated Ophthalmology Spaces)

    • potentially portions of the Building 1 3rd floor which is primarily faculty offices and Alzheimer's Clinic today

    • Potentially portions of the existing Kitchen|Café space on the 1st floor


  • BluePacific is likely looking for a phased plan for new clinic modules, that can be accomplished over several years, with an eye to minimize disruption to operations, minimize loss of capacity  and work with available funding resources.


Next Steps

  • BluePacific - Schedule User Meetings

  • NBBJ -  Send agendas for User Meetings

          -  Provide slides for Ambulatory Care Workgroup Introduction