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BluePacific Health

Ambulatory Clinic Master Plan 


Welcome to the BluePacific Ambulatory Clinic Master Plan website. Here you will find an overview of the process, a schedule, content from meetings, progress deliverables, and a final executive summary report. 





Building off of previous studies, including a market analysis and growth projections for BluePacific Medical Center’s ambulatory clinics, this project will evaluate the clinical buildings on the downtown campus and make recommendations for building use, configuration and planning principles that will support your future ambulatory clinical needs.



Facility Assessment

  • NBBJ will work with University Staff to investigate, assess and define the condition of all existing ambulatory clinic spaces on the Medical Center campus.  

  • The evaluation will include assessment of existing patient flow, ancillary services, academic office spaces, clinic programs and other relevant factors.  

  • NBBJ will also evaluate existing compliance levels with current regulatory requirements including CBC, CDPH, OSHPD, CMS, and Joint Commission will also need to be considered.


Space Program

  • NBBJ will work with University Staff to develop a space program for current and future clinical facilities, including analysis and guidance pertaining to best practice operations, workflows, processes & facility upgrades.

  • NBBJ will work with market data and operational projections developed under the previous clinical master plan study to create a plan for ambulatory clinics on the Medical Center campus.


Scenario Development

  • NBBJ will develop specific scenarios with more detailed studies including planning principles, space diagrams, block plans, best practice operations recommendations and cost estimates for potential current and future projects.  

  • The scenarios will include ways to maximize efficiency of clinical facilities in order to improve patient access, accommodate growth and meet BluePacific's strategic priorities. 

  • NBBJ will review of cost-benefit analysis for various scenarios.  

  • We will also make suggestions on how to prioritize options within a constrained capital environment. 

All website content included herein is a fictional example and not recommended for implementation.

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